You want to ensure you keep balance in mind when applying Feng Shui principles and recommendations in your home or business environments.

Let’s focus for a moment on how having too much of something can have an opposite effect on what you are trying to achieve. For example, a Feng Shui recommendation may be to add a plant to a specific area of your home or room. There would be a reason for the addition of this plant, and there may also be a recommendation to add an intention for when one puts the plant in this area. So, you add the plant and set it with that specific intention (giving the plant its “job”).

How an imbalance can get started is if one were to think, “Hmm…well if this plant is supposed to do this particular job, five more plants will help even more!” The next thing you know, you have a plant on every flat surface of the room and hanging from the ceiling — and balance is out the window.

I do love plants and have several in my home, but what I’m meaning is that you don’t want to cause an imbalance by adding too much. Balance is what you need in your home and life and remember — if something is out of balance in your environment, it can be showing up in your life.

I hope you find the information above useful. Thank you for reading!


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