Why Feng Shui?

Simply put, the philosophy of Feng Shui is to bring balance into a living space, which in turn brings balance into your life.

Whenever I am asked who the best person is to get a Feng Shui consultation, my response is, “a person who wants to bring positive change into their life.” Now, I realize that this can be seen as somewhat of a vague answer, but nevertheless, it is true. When someone realizes that they would like to bring positive change into their lives, the mindset shift is already taking place.

So how do you know if Feng Shui would be of benefit to you? Let’s do the list test:

Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns. In one column, write down everything you like about your living or business space, things in your life that make you happy, things are going well for you, things that you are thankful for, etc. In the second column, write down things that could be better or could be changed, things that chip away at your happiness or energy, and so on.

Helpful hint for the exercise above: write down everything that comes to your mind, no matter how small you think it is. Maybe you have on your list, “I am thankful for my wonderful family,” or, “I absolutely love that I am able to park my car in my garage.” Maybe you have, “The front door is always sticking, and this annoys me,” or “I feel like I always have to do everything on my own.”

If after reviewing your list you feel that some balance is needed and you want to bring positive change into your life, Feng Shui may be of benefit to you. When you have balance in your living or business space, you have balance in your life

Thank you for reading! I hope you find this information useful!



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The Bagua Layout

There are different schools of learning and practicing Feng Shui. At Arranging Harmony, LLC, I use the practice that focuses on the bagua layout as it aligns with the front door. By knowing the bagua “map” and how to adjust it to the floor plan layout of your home or business, you can see how each section represents or corresponds to an area of your life.

Bagua Map

The architectural front door to your home or business will be located either in the Skills & Knowledge, Career & Life Path, or Helpful People & Travel areas. You also want to focus on aligning the bagua to the portion of your home that falls behind the plane of your front door. So, say your garage, or a portion of your garage, sticks out in front of your front door. This would not be included in the bagua of your home. One important note: depending on what is in this area, there may need to be remedy applied to symbolically bring the area into your home. For example, a storage room can be left out, but your bedroom should be brought in.


After you align the bagua on your floor plan, you will be able to match up each area of the bagua with that part of your home (or apartment, condo, or office). You can also align the bagua to each room in your home, too. Just as you would line up the bagua with your front door, you will use the door to the room as the guide for the layout. Below are a few different floor plan shapes so you can see how the bagua would fit to match the home or room layout.

Bagua Layouts
Bagua Layouts

If an area of your home is missing or something is out of balance in one of those areas, it can be showing up in your life. Do not worry, though, as there are remedies that can be applied to help in these instances. The goal of Arranging Harmony, LLC, is to help you bring positive change, balance, and harmony into your life by utilizing Feng Shui.

While the above is general information about how to apply the bagua to the layout of your home or office, I hope you find it useful! Thank you for reading!


Questions about this information? Feel free to contact me!