Dedicate Some Space

Dedicate Some Space

Feng Shui is about arranging your home or physical space to bring positive change into your life. An important part of when you are making these enhancements and arranging your environment is that you are doing so with purposeful intention.

I mentioned in a previous blog post about creating space for opportunity to enter your life. When you seek to invite something new into your life, you need to have space for it.


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A Space for Everything

I’ll touch on making space by clearing some space for just a moment. By this I mean de-cluttering and organizing.

When you have clear space in your home (or apartment or business), there is space to freely move about or move things about. When there is room to move, things flow smoothly. Make some room and get opportunity flowing.

Dedicate and Separate

Times are changing and continue to change. With that, spaces and rooms in your home may change or need to change, too.

By dedicating and separating space, you are designating certain areas in your home for certain tasks or activities. And you don’t have to have a ton of room to dedicate space. Take some time to think about how you can utilize areas in your home so that they are functional for your needs.

If you are working from home, do you have a designated work area where you can keep your computer or project files? If you have young children, do they have a spot to play or place where they keep their toys?

Also take note of how things feel or affect you. Are you frustrated that you are constantly having to move items in order to complete a task or activity? Do you enjoy the fact that you get a lot accomplished working in a certain space?

A Space for Yourself

Another aspect of your environment that shouldn’t be overlooked is having space for yourself.

What I’m meaning by space for yourself is to have that space — that area — somewhere, anywhere, in your home where you can have time for yourself. Time to think, reflect, recharge, and rejuvenate.

A space for yourself can be however you would like to define it. For some, it may be a favorite chair where they can read or have a cup of tea. It may even be a bench in your yard or garden where you can sit and enjoy a few minutes of the day.

Take a moment to assess your physical space and environment. Is it functioning in the ways and serving the purposes that you need? Bring balance and flow into your environment by making space and dedicating space.

I hope you find the above information useful! Remember to write down the changes that you make to your space to track and see what new opportunities enter your life.


Thank you for reading! If you would like more information about a Feng Shui consultation, please feel free to contact me. I offer free 30-minute Discovery Chats to answer questions about a Feng Shui consultation and how the process works.

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