Spring Cleaning

We recently had a few days of crisp, yet sunny, weather. It was absolutely lovely and wonderfully invigorating.

I stepped outside to sit down and take in the sunshine, but instead of sitting down, I decided it was time for a little cleaning. Because it is in a somewhat uncovered outdoor space, I noticed the furniture needed to be cleaned. This then made me realize the windows and doors really needed cleaning, too. Pretty soon, everything was wiped down and sparkling (well, as much as furniture can sparkle).

Flowers and sky

As I was washing away the grime on the doors and furniture, I felt lighter and refreshed. The area felt so much better, and it was great being able to relax afterwards and enjoy it.

Why am I telling you about my outdoor cleaning experience? Whether it is your front door, living room, or bedroom, you can activate and energize a space by moving things and cleaning.

I’m focusing on cleaning because it is springtime and generally this is the time people decide to freshen up their homes and clean and declutter. If you have any spots in your home where clutter has accumulated or where a little cleanup is needed, this could be affecting you.

There is no judgment here. I’m saying to take a look at your home, apartment, condo, office space, etc., and see if there are some areas that need some work. Open up space and invite opportunity into your life by clearing any cluttered areas and energize your space with some spring cleaning.

Thank you for reading! I hope you find this information useful. If you would like more information about a Feng Shui consultation, please feel free to contact me. I offer free 30-minute Discovery Chats to answer questions about a Feng Shui consultation and how the process works.


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