The Small Stuff Can Add Up

The Small Stuff Can Add Up

Ahh, the small stuff. A lightbulb that is burned out here, a squeaky door hinge there, a small stack of papers on your desk or countertop.

Small stuff can add up. These little things can cause frustration or annoyance or build up over time. You can only put little annoyances off for so long before you are whipped up into a state in which you HAVE to take care of it. But why not take care of things at the first sign of an issue?

Burned out bulb

What are some little things that you need to take care of around your home or business? Leaking pipe? A door or drawer that sticks (or won’t stay shut)? Stacks of paperwork?

Take a look around your home or office to see if you may have some “little things” that need fixed. Have a notebook and pen in hand and start a walkthrough of your space from the front door. Make note of anything you might see that needs to be addressed. Burned out lightbulb? Replace it. Squeaky hinge on door? Oil it. Paperwork piling up on desk? Sort, file, or shred as needed.

Take care of these small things as they can add up. Nurture, care, and respect your home and it will take care of you in return.

I hope you find the above information useful! Remember to write down the repairs and other changes that you make to your space to track and see what new opportunities enter your life.


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