Using Red and Intention

The color red can be used in several ways in Feng Shui. 

It can activate, enhance, or stop something. However, your intention plays a large part on how the color is being used.

Intention plays a key role in Feng Shui. Make certain that when you make any changes or enhancements to your environment — like when you use the color red — you set your intention on how the item is being used. In essence, what “job” are you giving the color red?

Let’s focus on how to use red to stop something (i.e., energy).


Red and intention

When you enter your front door, can you see straight out the back of your home because of a large patio door or window directly across from your front door? If so, add red to stop the flow of energy from leaving the home. Perhaps add a red rug in front of the back door. If you already have a rug there that’s a different color, try placing a line of red tape under the rug on the side closest to the door. Give the red rug or red tape the “job” of stopping all the good energy from going out the door.

I hope you find this information useful! Thank you for reading!


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