Color: Wait… Do I Have to Paint My Room Purple?

Color can be used to enhance areas of the bagua. For example, red can be used to enhance the Fame area, and pink can be used to enhance the Relationships area.

Now, do you need to paint your room pink and have a pink comforter, pillows, and curtains just because pink enhances the Relationship area? Certainly not. Balance is needed with everything that you do. Also, if you don’t like a particular color, not to worry. There are other ways you can incorporate the colors for specific areas of the bagua without having to go against your personal style.

The purpose of adding enhancements, such as color, is to help create balance and bring positive change into your life. If you make a change to your environment that you don’t like, well, it will bother you more than help, and do you really want that irritation or negativity? No.

Bagua Threads

So, what do you do if purple or green is the best color for a specific area of the bagua, but you really don’t care for purple or green? One way to incorporate the color is to place it behind something or in a drawer. For example, say you have a dresser in the Family area of your bedroom (remember – you can overlay the bagua onto your entire home or a room), and you would like to add the color green to enhance this area. Place a piece or pieces of green paper inside a drawer or a few drawers. Make certain to set the papers with your intention (give them their “job”).

I hope you find the information in this blog useful. If you have any questions about the information above, or other questions about Feng Shui, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading!


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