Love and Relationships

Ah, romance. The passion, the tenderness…sigh. Love can be a wonderful feeling and experience.

For this blog post, we’re going to focus on romantic love. Before we begin, though, there is one item to note. These blog posts provide general Feng Shui tips to get you started on a path to the positive changes you are seeking to bring into your life. You should always take the time to think about the changes you would like to bring into your life as sometimes changes are needed on different levels (internal as well as external).

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Find Your Focus

Your first action item is to determine what you are seeking in a romantic relationship. It is important that you make this your first step. Reflect on the type of relationship and the quality and character of the person you are seeking to invite into your life. Look inward, be honest, and be as descriptive as possible. Keep the saying of “what you ask for, you will receive” in mind and choose your words wisely. Also, as with any intention you set, state it in the present tense. Can you see the differences between the following examples?

“I want a great relationship.” (Not very descriptive and uses the word “want.”)

“I am in the perfect, wonderful, healthy, loving, intimate, dedicated relationship.” (Descriptive and set in present.)

After you have set aside time and have thought about the relationship you would like to invite into your life, then start making enhancements to your physical environment. Remember to make the changes slowly and keep track of what you change and when you make the enhancements.

Adding the Color Pink

Try adding the color pink in some way to the Relationships area of the bagua (the Relationships area is the back, right area of your home when you enter your front door). If you aren’t a fan of the color pink, or if maybe pink wouldn’t work well with your existing décor, not to worry. The Feng Shui enhancement you apply does not always have to be seen to be working. You can add something pink inside a drawer or behind or underneath a piece of furniture. As long as you know it is there and you set your intention for the item, it will be working for you.

The Bedroom

Take a long and honest look at your bedroom. Is it warm and inviting? Is there room for two? Does it reflect that you care about your surroundings? Even if your bedroom is not located in the Relationships area of the bagua, don’t neglect it. The bed, wherever it is located, is a symbol of relationships. What is going on in your environment is going on in your life. When you care for something, you receive care. Give your bedroom (and home) some love, and it will return the kindness.

Space for Two

While you are taking a look around your bedroom, take a look around the rest of your home as well. Is there room for someone to enter your life? Space equals opportunity for so many things, and it isn’t any different for a relationship. If a special someone entered your life, would this person have a pillow to use, a nightstand on which to place their water glass, or a place to leave a toothbrush?

Thank you for reading! I hope you find this information useful and the tips easy to apply. If you would like more information about a Feng Shui consultation, please feel free to contact me. I offer free 30-minute Discovery Chats to answer questions about a Feng Shui consultation and how the process works.


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