Write It Down

Write It Down

Meditation journals, gratitude journals, daily journals, diaries, exercise tracking, and water consumption tracking. What do all of these items have in common? They are logs or records to track your thoughts or progress.

I have mentioned in past blog posts that any time you make a Feng Shui enhancement to your environment to write it down. When keeping track of the enhancements you make, also be sure to write down what you see happening in your life.

Notebook with pen

We can forget what we do if we don’t write it down to chart our progress. Think about it this way: who among us hasn’t had difficulty remembering what they had for breakfast at some point in time? (Did I have scrambled eggs today, or was that yesterday?) 

Keeping track of the enhancements or changes you make to your physical space helps you remember the enhancement that you made and when you made it. It also helps you see what changes and new opportunities have entered your life since making those adjustments.

Here is an idea of what to include when tracking your enhancements/adjustments:

  • The date you make the enhancement.
  • The enhancement or task completed.
  • The change you see happen.
  • The date(s) you see change(s) happen.

Choose a tracking method that works for you, too. Is it a journal, an app, a document on your computer? Make certain it is something that you will use, is convenient for you, and that you will use consistently.

Also, when making these changes to your physical space (and writing down the enhancements you make), be certain to be mindful of why you are making these changes and set your intention.

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